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Posted by admin on 12.08.2018

Function: Webmiss;
Name: Luara;
Age: 24;
Other site: @sronanbrasil
Lives in: São Paulo, Brazil
Favorites besides Joe: Kristen Stewart, Saoirse Ronan, Anne Hathaway, Rachel McAdmans and several other actors.
How I became a fan of Joe: I met joe through one of my favorite actresses kristen Stewart, with whom he acted in his first job. I liked him from the first moment I saw him in a photo with her, and I thought it would be cool to open a fansite to support this actor who was just starting his career. I imagined that since he worked with a director as important as Ang Lee, that he would have good opportunities and I was interested to see where that was going. From then on I was able to discover the excellent actor that joe is, and how much he has shown himself to be a responsible person with his career and personal path. In addition to being shown to be a humble human being, living the same life he had before entering Hollywood, a man very close to his family and who is not dazzled by the superficial world of fame. I can’t wait to see what he does with the future of his career, and until then have the pleasure of saying that I am proud of all aspects of his life.

tradução: Conheci Joe através de uma das minhas atrizes favoritas Kristen Stewart, com quem ele atuou em seu primeiro filme. Gostei dele desde o primeiro momento em que o vi em uma foto com ela, e achei que seria legal abrir uma página de fã para apoiar esse ator que estava apenas começando sua carreira. Imaginei que, já que ele estava trabalhando com um diretor tão importante quanto Ang Lee, ele teria boas oportunidades e eu estava interessada em ver para onde isso estava indo. A partir daí, pude descobrir o excelente ator que Joe é e o quanto ele se mostrou uma pessoa responsável com sua carreira e trajetória pessoal. Além de mostrar-se um ser humano humilde, vivendo a mesma vida que tinha antes de entrar em Hollywood, um homem muito próximo de sua família e que não fica deslumbrado com o mundo superficial da fama. Mal posso esperar para ver o que ele faz com o futuro de sua carreira e até lá tenho o prazer de dizer que tenho orgulho de todos os aspectos de sua vida.

Function: Webmiss;
Name: Tracy;
Age: 28;
Other site: joealwyndaily.tumblr.com
Lives in: British Columbia, Canada
Favorites besides Joe: Taylor Swift, Saoirse Ronan, Margot Robbie, Jack Lowden, and Troye Sivan.
How I became a fan of Joe: after watching Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk and The Sense of an Ending I was very impressed by Joe’s ability to bring a realness and vulnerability to his characters and felt he had great potential as an actor. Additionally, through watching and reading his interviews I found his charm, thoughtfulness and humble nature to be quite endearing. Each of the projects he’s chosen to be a part of show his versatility as an actor and feature wonderful casts and interesting plots, of which are great interest to me. I admire his work ethic and dedication to his career and I am very excited to continue following Joe’s work and see what he is able to accomplish!

tradução: Depois de assistir a Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk  e The Sense of a Ending, fiquei muito impressionada com a capacidade de Joe de trazer realidade e vulnerabilidade a seus personagens e senti que ele tinha um grande potencial como ator. Além disso, assistindo e lendo suas entrevistas, achei seu charme, consideração e natureza humilde bastante agradáveis. Cada um dos projetos que ele escolheu para fazer parte mostra sua versatilidade como ator e apresenta elencos maravilhosos e enredos interessantes, dos quais são de grande interesse para mim. Admiro sua ética de trabalho e dedicação à sua carreira e estou muito animada por continuar acompanhando o trabalho de Joe e ver o que ele é capaz de realizar!


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Name: Joe Alwyn Online
Site url: joealwyn.online
Webmiss: Luara & Tracy
Contact: joealwynonline@gmail.com
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this is so random but i was rewatching joe and nicholas’s interview for the favourite where they play a speed dating game and i realized he actually doesn’t say “not naked” in response to that one question like we all thought LMAOO he actually says “night nick” and that’s why nicholas responds with “morning joe”

wait, i didn’t realize anyone thought Joe said “not naked” haha! ...


I'm waiting for anything Joe related 😩

Im waiting for anything cwf related 😩

same! if they’re going for a spring release then promo could start sooooon!!

do you have any guesses on when the stars at noon might come out? cannes 2022 perhaps?

yeah i definitely think a festival premiere in the summer/early fall, hopefully this year!

That anon accidentally put “bridesmaid revisited” instead of “brideshead revisited” — cutest typo in the world 😂😂😂

oh haha i didn’t even notice that!

speaking of… Luca has yet another new project he’s working on so the chances of Brideshead Revisited happening any time soon keep getting smaller and smaller 🤪😭

Is there any info on when bridesmaid revisited will start filming? I’m assuming early 2022?

nope, there hasn’t been any news/updates in several months

Harriet is now on Netflix Canada. It’s currently #5

thanks! for anyone in Canada, or other countries check your Netflix :)

happy new year! i hope we get more joe content this year :)

thank you, happy new year to you too!!

we definitely will! potentially three projects coming out ~ and we could start getting CWF teaser stuff any time '😳

Newold Photo Of Joe Alwyn With Margaret Qualley

new/old photo of Joe Alwyn with Margaret Qualley and The Stars at Noon hair & make-up artists

Photo dump of stars at noon incoming soon hopefully 🤪

joe always delivers!


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