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Joe watching Taylor perform in Glendale, AZ | May 8, 2018

Joe watching Taylor perform in Glendale, AZ | May 8, 2018


Joe watching Taylor perform in Glendale, AZ | May 8, 2018

Is destry related to The Stephen Spielberg???

yes his daughter! she’s an actor and director

Destry Spielberg following him now as well. He's collecting those female directors lol. I hope at least this activity means he's preparing for something.


The trouble is, films can be in development for years, so contact with a director doesn't mean anything is coming any time soon. But meeting a costume director is a different matter - you only do that if you need a costume basically now lol. And we did figure out AND before any of the trade publications mentioned it, so I'm confident we will spot the clues before them lol

haha we also found out about The Souvenir Part II way before it was announced so we’ve got a decent track record

Do you think we will see joe family in the eras tour ? Need to know if his mum will attend both nights 🙈

if not tonight, then at some point definitely! would be very cute if Joe and his mom were there for opening night again 🥹

when he said "there are a couple of things I probably did just because I wanted to work" ?

in his April 2022 interview for The Guardian Saturday

We thought we had joe directed by chloe zhao and paul schrader but we have nothing 😭😭😭 also who knows when hamlet will be filmed... I miss him!

those are still possibilities! pretty sure joe’s got some things in the pipeline, we just gotta be patient unfortunately

i hope we see him soon though!

To his credit, Joe has been supportive of female directors and I’ve felt doing LLFYL played into that a little even if it wasn’t “prestige.”

and to that, I think it’s nice if Joe doesn’t always work with a well-know/distinguished director. he said in his actors on actors convo with Paul, he’d like to work with a first-time director and that would be really cool

Joe started following director Mimi Cave on instagram, and, more interestingly, costume designer Mitchell Travers just started following Joe. Don't know what for (some people are speculating it's for 'Holland, Michigan') but it does look like we might get news of something soon.

seems it’s already filming so if he’s involved should find out soon

but whether it’s that or something else, I also feel like casting news is coming soon '

Do you know why Joe did Last Letter from Your Lover? It seems at odds with his other choices and he seems to be very picky in a good way and discerning. Last Letter was not ever billed as a prestige project which all of his other jobs were. It also has neither a distinguished director nor a decent script. Not to mention it has the most lacklustre cast compared to his other projects in which he stars alonside icons.

Joe said in an interview during CWF press “there are a couple of things I probably did just because I wanted to work” …pretty sure he was referring to LLFYL

also when he was cast, the daily mail said (i know they suck lol but they’ve been accurate about Joe casting… [more]


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