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De acordo com a revista Backstage Joe viverá o jovem William Weightman em ‘Emily‘.

Escrito e dirigido por Frances O’Connor, o próximo filme ‘Emily’ explora o início da vida da autora Emily Brontë, autora de “O morro dos Ventos Uivantes”. A história traça a emocionante jornada para a feminilidade de uma desajustada que se tornaria uma das escritoras mais bem-sucedidas e provocantes de sua época, antes de morrer com apenas 30 anos. Estrelado por Emma Mackey (Educação Sexual) como Emily, o projeto também conta com Joe Alwyn como William Weightman e tem Fionn Whitehead e Emily Beecham como os irmãos Brontë Branwell e Charlotte. Atualmente em pré-produção, Emily está programado para filmar em Yorkshire no início de 2021 e a diretora de elenco Fiona Weir* está anexada agora.

  • Fiona Weir é uma renomada diretora de elenco que já trabalhou em filmes como os premiados ‘O Quarto de Jack’, ‘Judy’, ‘Brooklyn’, ‘Orgulho e Esperança’, ‘Elizabeth: A Era de Ouro’, ‘A Bússola de Ouro’ e a franquia ‘Harry Potter’.

Quem foi William Weightman?

Weightman veio a Haworth como curador assistente de Patrick Brontë em agosto de 1839. Logo se tornou muito popular em toda a paróquia, sendo notado como um jovem muito charmoso, alegre, amigável e gentil. Patrick o admirava e ele se tornou um grande amigo de Branwell. Ele, no entanto, desenvolveu a reputação, em alguns lugares, de ser uma espécie de homem de muitas mulheres.

Saiba mais sobre o personagem aqui

obs: Lembrando que apesar da informação partir de uma conceituada revista no ramo de bastidores de filmes e teatro, ainda não temos a confirmação através da página do IMDB!


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I wonder if the person who suggested BR would film in the UK late May-July was confused by the casting call. I think - think! - this is what they were referring to (www*projectcasting*com/casting-calls-acting-auditions/brideshead-revisited-cast/). It does say it's a casting for BR, and it does mention May-July as the filming date, but it also says it's for a two-part Sky series, which BR is not. Have two separate calls been mistakenly merged? If so, there's still hope these aren't BR's dates!

the one I looked at originally wasn't an article like that, it was like a job post on the website for the casting but I've just checked and it doesn’t come up anymore


scenes of joe in the billy lynn movie were shown a few times for the ang lee tribute at the baftas! 🥰

i watched a video of last night but now it's been deleted, but anyway, yeah they showed I think 3 or 4 clips of Joe as Billy Lynn during the montage which was nice! '

What do you think of each of joe’s upcoming / unreleased projects? Are you worried about any or super excited about any? What do you think?

i'm excited about all of them especially CWF! And I love that there all different, like Joe's role in each one is different from the others. I am a bit worried about Brideshead Revisited, just because it may conflict with CWF for filming, but hopefully he can still do it

I’ve seen that “last letter from your lover” will be postponed till August (if I remember correctly) in Germany at least

yeah looking like a summer release now, which is for the best! let's just hope it doesn't need to be delayed again!

I can confirm that Felicity's Graham Norton ep isn't on iPlayer right now. The most recent one is series 28, ep 23

thanks! i wonder if maybe they'll air it next week instead

This is so cute! Some fans shared their signed CDs, and they found WB's signatures and also a doodle. It seems like a door. Maybe it is "I'm leaving out the side door". They are so lucky! https://weibo.com/6491233822/Ka9KCvBlr?type=comment#_rnd1618072862921

omg i love when people find WBs

I read that they didn’t air the episode of the graham norton show yesterday because of the princes death

that's what i read too, maybe it's available on the BBC iplayer 

Metal Lords Actor Isis Hainsworth Takes Major

Did Felicity go on Graham Norton?

she did but I haven't seen much about it, this Daily Mail article (x) mentions some of the stuff she talked about

Hey Tracey :) could you please create a time line with all the release dates for Joe’s projects? That would be awesome!!

Hi, I'd love to but we don't know any of the release dates ...The Souvenir Part II will come out later this year according to this article x

"The distributor is planning what it describes as an "ambitious full cinema release" for later in 2021 [in the UK]″


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