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Joe was present at a Q&A + screening of ‘Operation Finale‘ on August 14th, where he talked a little about the movie and his character, Klaus Eichmaan. See below for videos and pictures of the event:

It is also possible to see the complete Q&A here


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Interesting that for the first time in a while now Joe has nothing lined up to film. Hope he’s enjoying this much deserved time off before his press commitments hit for three projects out this year. Will be very time consuming and exhausting and not the part of the job any actor signs up for, just the part that has to be done. Also takes up time I’m sure they’d rather spend filming.

yeah that’s pretty much what Joe said regarding doing press in his interview with L'Officiel USA

"It’s part of the job, but it’s not my job," Alwyn notes with a grin, before going on to say, "It’s not an actor’s job, so it’s something that’s added on. So, you either take… [more]

Have you seen the combat capuccino promo video from his billy promotions? Its so funny and adorable

probably but can’t recall what that is, do you have a link? :)

I’m soooo excited for CWF! When do you think we’ll get the trailer and stills from the show? Do stills usually come before the trailer?

same!! i feel like it should be really soon since a spring release still seems to be the case… and stills can come before or after/both

A Brief Clip Of Joe Alwyn And Alison Oliver As

a brief clip of Joe Alwyn and Alison Oliver as Nick and Frances in Conversations with Friends has been shared here (at 0:29)

this is so random but i was rewatching joe and nicholas’s interview for the favourite where they play a speed dating game and i realized he actually doesn’t say “not naked” in response to that one question like we all thought LMAOO he actually says “night nick” and that’s why nicholas responds with “morning joe”

wait, i didn’t realize anyone thought Joe said “not naked” haha! ...


I'm waiting for anything Joe related 😩

Im waiting for anything cwf related 😩

same! if they’re going for a spring release then promo could start sooooon!!

do you have any guesses on when the stars at noon might come out? cannes 2022 perhaps?

yeah i definitely think a festival premiere in the summer/early fall, hopefully this year!

That anon accidentally put “bridesmaid revisited” instead of “brideshead revisited” — cutest typo in the world 😂😂😂

oh haha i didn’t even notice that!

speaking of… Luca has yet another new project he’s working on so the chances of Brideshead Revisited happening any time soon keep getting smaller and smaller 🤪😭

Is there any info on when bridesmaid revisited will start filming? I’m assuming early 2022?

nope, there hasn’t been any news/updates in several months


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