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Adaptação do livro infantil de mesmo nome, Catherine, Called Bird foi escrito e será dirigido pela também atriz Lena Dunham da aclamada série ‘Girls’. O projeto é uma produção da Working Title Films em associação com Good Thing Going, com produção de Tim Bevan, Eric Fellner e Jo Wallett. Liz Watson e Michael P.

Baseado no romance de Karen Cushman, a história segue as aventuras de uma adolescente na Inglaterra medieval enquanto ela navega pela vida e tenta evitar os casamentos arranjados que seu pai arruma para ela.

Joe será Tio George descrito como amigável, gentil e que adora contar histórias. Um dos maiores subenredos do livro ocorre quando George volta para casa das Cruzadas e se apaixona pela melhor amiga de Catherine, Lady Aelis. No entanto, como George não tem uma posição elevada na sociedade, eles não podem se casar, e ambos acabam se casando com outras pessoas (George, uma senhora louca chamada Ethelfritha, que foi atingida por um raio, Aelis primeiro com um duque de sete anos, e mais tarde com o irmão de Catherine, Robert). Conforme se aproxima o dia do noivado oficial de Catherine, ela foge para seu tio e tia. Ela percebe que ela será a mesma, não importa com quem ela se case; assim, ela permite que seu tio a leve para casa.”

O filme ainda tem no elenco Andrew Scott, Billie Piper, Dean Charles Chapman e Bella Ramsey e já está sendo gravado no País de Gales, ainda sem previsão de lançamento!

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Joe has joined the cast of an adaptation of the 1994 novel Catherine, Called Birdy by Karen Cushman. The story is described as a coming-of-age comedy and follows the adventures of a 14-year-old girl (Bella Ramsey) in medieval England as she navigates through life and tries to avoid the arranged marriages her father maps out for her. Joe will be playing her uncle. Andrew Scott, Billie Piper, and Dean Charles Chapman are also set the star with Lena Dunham writing the script and directing.

Filming is currently underway in Wales and is expected to finish in May. Working Title and Good Thing Going are producing the movie.



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that description makes me feel like it's centered on joe's character more than the others

possibly! I’m curious how Lashay Anderson’s character will figure into it. My guess is she’s a student that has a crush on Paul? Maybe it will be balanced between the three main characters…

Those look like film lenses. Primarily for shooting on film cameras. Wonder what joe is shooting, maybe it's for the short.

could be an older photo from Stars at Noon, or maybe AND

Joe’s fascination with affairs is interesting because this is what the third project he has played a character that is about cheating. CFW, Stars At Noon and now this. I guess we can say he likes period pieces, book based films and affairs projects?

lol perhaps he's interested in the moral ambiguity and the questions it raises. During CWF press, that was something he talked about quite a lot, if it’s possible to love more than one person, different kinds of love etc.

makes me think about his interest in playing bad guys and not… [more]

Joe Alwyn Via Instagram Stories January 29 2023

Joe Alwyn via instagram stories | January 29, 2023

Joe Alwyn Via Instagram Stories January 29 2023

Joe Alwyn via instagram stories | January 29, 2023

Pick Your Favourite Photoshoot For Cwf Promo

Pick your favourite photoshoot for CWF promo '

Arena HOMME+


GQ Hype

The Guardian Saturday

Vanity Fair



Arena HOMME+


GQ Hype

The Guardian Saturday

Vanity Fair



Where did you get the still for a very short tfilm?

it’s linked in the post… it’s from here

Yay! The short film really exists - I was starting to think I'd imagined it lol. Wonder what's going on in that photo. He's looking very dapper in it, not at all like the harried and downtrodden teacher I was expecting to see. Maybe that's from a date scene or something?

haha! my guess is he’s with the character Lena, played by Natalia Kostrzewa, based on this full synopsis: “A Very Short Film About Longing is a film about a love triangle between individuals who can never be together but want for love nonetheless. Lena’s affair with high school teacher Paul… [more]

I hope it debuts at some film festival!

same!! that would be awesome

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